Our Team is the heart of our company. We are dedicated to shape the future of contract analysis. Being legal professionals as well as data and computer scientists, we know how to combine both fields and create useful and accessible solutions for our clients. Find out who we are and why we are experts at what we do.

Our mission is to empower legal professionals to automate legal work using AI. With our interdisciplinary team we are able to adapt the best from all disciplines and channel it into the best possible outcome: helping legal departments and law firms to get more out of their work and time.

Dr. Sven von Alemann
Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Adriaan Schakel
Chief Scientist

Moritz Biersack
Chief Technology Officer

Elisaveta Ivanova
Business Development Managerin

Ramesh Kumar
Machine Learning Engineer

Fillipe Galiza
Backend Developer

Vardan Petrossiantz
Contract Specialist

Nicole Ploner
Contract Specialist

Simon Wiedemann
Machine Learning Engineer

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